Matt Cutts Discusses Penguin 2 update – May 2013

So, while Matt Cutts is good at letting everyone know that the Google Penguin 2 is going to do a major update. One has to wonder how truthful he is totally being. The reason I say this is, in past Matt Cutts videos, Matt has gone out and said – “Google will be discounting these kinds of links in it’s next udpate” The thing is, while Google does end up making a change. The specific change he is talking about is not always accurate.

Fantastic Video From Matt Cutts at Google

This is a very simplified video that everyone can understand of how Google works when ranking and determining websites importance.



Google has gone and done it – New Anti Spam rollout has happened

So today Google rolled out their new update.  While I am writing this article in frustration, please realize I am not normally this negative.

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So, being a guy that makes my living off of doing SEO companies I will give me 2 cents on the issue.  Take it or leave it

How My Personal Sites Were Affected

The jury is still out on this one as its a little too soon to tell.  When I do SEO work I always push the boundaries on my personal sites.  Partially to see how far I can take it and to see what really does and does not work….  Now sites that were ranked for relevant keywords that I had that are years old.  I have really only done onpage SEO for them.  The sites still get updated and these were more hobby sites I had and are regularly updated.  These sites have now pretty much dropped off the map.  Sites that rank above them are twitter profiles, amazon product links, some wiki articles and blogspot pages with 0 content on them.  Now I ask, wtf is going on Google?  How can these sites be above mine?  A couple of sites dont even have content on them.  1 is just a wordpress install with nothing added?  Seriously!?!?!?

Now lets look at a few of the sites that I have pushed the boundaries on.  This sites I have just played with for fun to see what I could get away with and would probably classified as what Google is considering spamming and the reason why they launched this whole update.  Well, sites that were ranked on 1st page are still holding there. One site actually moved to the #1 position on Google.  Great new algorithm Google.

Lets make it easier for people and companies who offer blackhat SEO to rank.  Google seems to have hit sites that use forum profiles, blog spam etc to generate backlinks.  They have also seem to have gone after sites that do keyword stuffing in articles that really have nothing to do with the content.

I’m fairly this jumping around will level out in the next few days.  It has to right?  I mean, how can a blank blogspot site rank higher than one of my sites that is forum driven by live members?

Thanks for ruining my Wednesday Google.




Big Changes Coming from Google

Feb 27th Google started rolling out their Panda 3.2 update.  This is essentially a new algorithm on how Google ranks sites.  In the next 4-6 weeks 3.3 is going to be released.  While nobody knows exactly what they changed (their algorithm is a closely guarded secret).  It is most likely that your sites rankings are going to be dancing around at some point in the next 1-2 months.  Google rolls out a new algorithm every spring.  Last year was the biggest change I have seen in my 12 years of working online.  I’m really hoping for my own sanity that this years change is not as extreme.  Last year totally redefined how sites are ranked on their network.  As of right now I have seen some clients affected by this change, others have not been.

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While this website isn’t complete yet it is a work in progress. In all honesty I would rather be working on my clients sites than making blog posts or making changes here. I currently have 30+ clients that I do SEO work for. While most of them are based in the Minneapolis/St Paul area. I do contract for a few national companies and have had a few of those clients going on 7 years now.

I’d prefer to work with smaller companies or people new to the web. There are a few reasons for this. Smaller companies have a more niche market and are looking for customers locally. What this means is I can usually have your keywords ranked in 3-4 weeks on the 1st page of Google. While I have done work for more broad keywords like cars, sunglasses, etc. These kinds of keywords can and usually do take a better part of a year to rank high.

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