What is Off Site SEO? Off Site SEO are things that can be done away from your website to increase your rankings on the search engines.

If you’ve done any research online on SEO then you have probably read the term “back links” and how they are important in raising your site up through the rankings. Back links are sites that link to your site. If you’ve tried to take matters into your own hands and purchased back links from sites you might have very well hurt your sites rankings on Google.

Back links in theory are easy to understand but hard to implement correctly. Too many back links of low quality can hurt your rankings and your site can be penalized or even delisted from search engines for “spamming” We create back links in a slow natural process by creating custom articles, press releases and submitting them to quality sites that Google and other SE’s hold in high esteem.

You have probably seen deals online for 1000 back links for $35 bucks. Even if you do decide our service is not for you. PLEASE never purchase any of these. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. All of those cheap back link deals out there you see are blog or news feed spams. If you ever go to WCCO or Myfoxtwincities to read articles while eating lunch, you may have noticed those comments underneath the articles and videos on there. Some of those comments are links to websites. Those are essentially what you are buying. While they do provide a backlink and may even get indexed by Google, they will never stay on those sites for long. When the links do disappear, often times your sites ranking will drop lower than what it originally was.