Simply put, On Page SEO is the first and most important step in getting your site ready for search engines. On Page SEO deals with code behind the scenes that you do not see visible on your webpage when looking at it through say Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari. There is no 1 right way to set these up but unless you know what these tags are requesting data from Search Engine Spiders, there are plenty of ways to set them up incorrectly.

Every Search Engine package we offer starts with On-Page SEO. We analyze your main and sub pages on your site using a number of different tools. We make sure your meta tags, headers, and keyword density are optimized to what Google and other SEO’s like. From there we tweak accordingly and then resubmit your site to all Search Engines. Resubmission of your website to Search Engines is crucial. This lets them know that a change has taken place and tells them to re-index your site and use the most recent data. In this data we paint a picture of what service or product your company is selling to customers.