Originally when I started doing SEO work for companies I never planned on offering this service. The more clients that started to hire me, the more I saw need to provide website design and shopping cart installs for companies.

This is where my partner Steve comes into play. Steve is probably the most talented designer/developer I have run into or have ever had the pleasure of working with in my almost 15 years of being in this industry. We have handled everything from simple web designs to complex site builds offering 25,000+ plus products to their customers. A lot of designs are done for national companies, however we do have some examples of web design done for local Minnesota business.

The great part about using us for website design and development is, when we are building your site, we keep in mind that we need it to be laid out correctly for Google and other Search Engines to spider and pick up. Let’s face it. You can have the prettiest, most technically complex website in the world. If visitors can’t find it though, it’s worthless.

Since Steve and I both market our personal web sites on the internet we have the advantage in seeing the latest web 2.0 designs and how they are laid out and optimized to sell. We always incorporate those aspects of top selling sites into our clean layouts while keeping ease of navigation in mind. When people are buying a product or service online, less is often better.

We do have a large portfolio however we do not publish it on this or any other site. If you are interested in having a site design done, please contact us and we can give examples upon request.