How To Get My Small Business On Google

How To Get My Small Business On Google

by SEO Vikings

How to Get Your Small Business On Google For FREE!

If you’re a small business owner, it’s important to be familiar with how to get your company listed on Google Maps. Google actually provides free online services that can help you get your company or service listed on Maps that can be optimized and maintained to generate incredible results.

There are various techniques that the Google My Business tools enable you to use to increase sales, enquiries, phone calls and leads.

By creating a Google Business profile, you will open up many opportunities and increase your visibility online to potential customers.

This free tool lets small businesses manage their online presence across Google, including search and Google Maps. Small business owners are able to organize ad campaigns, organize many types of notifications for visitors, create and upload new and edit existing pages on the internet of their business, and list their location.

How Google My Business can help customers
find your small business

Google My Business can help customers find your small business and give you a chance to tell them your story, verify your company, and edit business information.

The Google My Business Toolset includes:

  • A free, online profile for your business on the Google Maps Search results page. You can include a map with directions to your location or provide a link to your website.
  • A free, online profile for your business on the Google Maps app. If you have a physical address or phone number, these are automatically included in the map and directions. If you have a website, you can add your company to Google search engine results pages so customers are able to find out more about what makes your business unique
  • A free dashboard that gives you a snapshot of how your business is performing across Google.

For the top ways to leverage Google My Business to optimize your online presence as a small business owner and how to get on Google Maps, keep reading.

How To Get My Small Business On Google

PLUS an easy-to-follow guide on how to get your Business Page on Google FAST!

I’m sure you are aware that Google is the world’s best-known search engine. It claims to have more than 90% share in the market worldwide. But did you ever ask yourself, “how to get my small business on google to compete with the large corporations?” Well, If you’re ready to start promoting your small business online, I’m sure you did. And that’s quite difficult to figure out.

The days when people randomly wandered in and out of stores have almost vanished. With upgraded technology in hand, people now analyze a product through customer reviews and ratings before purchasing. And google business profiles seem to be an authentic source for that.

Google has provided the world with its feature called google my business. It’s a platform where you can register for your business profile, no matter the size of your business. Other than the google search and maps, these business profiles on google seem to be quite effective. You can now announce the existence of your start-up and pull audiences’ attention with ease.

A small business must evaluate various factors before starting its journey, and creating an online presence has become an essential factor in doing so. It’s important that every business owner focuses on making sure this gets done. The use of digital tools and techniques can help this process along.

How To Get My Small Business On Google - The Steps To Follow

Getting your business on Google isn’t an easy task. It requires a significant amount of time, effort, and online engagement activities, and in today’s world, online activities have a greater role in making brand value for small businesses. It makes you visible to the public worldwide. Hence, people from all over the world get to see what you are offering them.

Once you’ve succeeded in starting your online presence, you’ll start getting traffic.  in amongst all that traffic are potential customers, visitors that will approach your business to make a purchase or request a service. And that’s how your business network will grow to create brand value in the end.

So, it’s not like the local stores where the customer needs to find you for their needs. It’s rather a little opposite. The online business profiles let both the owner and customer find each other. So, you can easily get to see which customers to target. And they will find you on the internet further during the process.

Now that we are aware that online presence is important to small businesses. It’s time to know how you should start it in the beginning. Google currently has the most consumers compared to other search engines. So, it would be a wise decision to create a business listing with google my business.

And to do so, you must first follow these procedures,

The Importance Of Creating A Website -
How Should I Optimize It

Speaking of a website’s importance, it’s like the local store you launch on the market. A website is where you should index your business details. Therefore, it will get easier for google to track your business insights and let visitors know about your existence.

Setting up your Google My Business profile is super important to start getting that instant visibility in Google Maps, but having a website that has quality content that offers value is another. You will need to apply search engine optimization (SEO) to help your website get higher and work through the ranks of Google.

Another option is online advertising and using things like Google Ads or Facebook Ads to boost your presence online.

Creating social posts that point back to your Google My Business profile or social media profiles helps to build trust and authority within Google.

Although, there are various kinds of websites available based on the business categories. For instance, if you want to own an eCommerce store, the website layout will be different from this site. The best example is Amazon or eBay. And if it’s for a service business, the website layout will be rather simple than the eCommerce one.

So, you need to study the website categories before creating any random website for your business. Howbeit, once you have completed your desired business website, it’s time to optimize the website with quality content.

By quality content, it means to have the proper product/service description. It also includes other information with attractive media files to impress and fulfil your customers’ needs on the right point!

To complete your website optimization, you can follow SEO and SEM strategies from the beginning. These are great marketing strategies for getting your website rank on google’s first page! And who wouldn’t want to rank first to ensure more traffic generation with increased ROI? So, dive into the website creation process to make your business’ first online presence today!

Getting Started With Social Media Activities - How Does It Help Google?

Once you’ve launched your website online and indexed it in Google, you should engage yourself in social media activities too. Social media acts as a vast communication platform. Here you can connect with all your friends and families, including other people, for sharing ideas, solutions, and emotions.

And Google tends to follow all these activities to gather more information. Be it an individual activity or business page activity; Google takes all the data in its account to showcase the relevant results to the consumers.

Therefore, having a business page on social media like Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, will add more value to Google’s presence. It will let Google verify your business authenticity.

Furthermore, your business integration with customers will get even better. That’s because it will act as additional support options for your business profiles on Google.

Creating Your Google My Business Account - An Important Step For Small Businesses

Please read all of the information below when setting up your Google Business profile.

After the website and social media setup are done, you can register your business on Google. As we’ve encountered this question, “How To Get My Small Business On Google” several times, this is the main part where you get the answer.

Creating business profiles on google my business is not too challenging. In fact, the website and social media pages of your business do 80% of the work. The rest, 20%, is what we consider a complete profile on google my business.

However, the business profiles completion on google my business includes a few steps which are,

Claim Or Add Your Basic Business Presence

As you have created a viable website and other social media presence, you can now start looking for your business. Get to the google business page first. Then add your google my business listing with the business information accurate on Google maps, search, or other Google properties.

There is an available Google plus feature to maintain your business identity. So, you can use that feature to optimize your existing Google business page. It also allows the customer to give negative and positive reviews on your business accounts.

Find Your Business

Once you open google my business, go to the “Start Now” option. Then get to the search bar to search your business name like any other regular visitor. 

Well, why you need to do that? That’s how you can see your business page interface. It shows you what your page visitors are getting to see. Therefore, if your business location, business contact, or other details are missing, you can fix that from your business dashboard.

Select Or Add Your Business

First of all, search for your business name in the Google Business Directory. If it doesn’t show any result, you need to register it first.

Therefore, start with “Let me enter the full business details.” Once you click the option, Google will ask for specific information, including the business address, business phone, business email domain, etc. So, you must fulfill the details carefully.

Bear in mind; this information will create your business identity. So, try registering the details just as you want them to show to the public.

Select Your Category

Selecting the category of your business is an essential step in Google my business. It will assist Google in categorizing your company objective in terms of consumer interest. So, be sure to choose the perfect category, whether it’s for selling products or services.

To find the category option, get to the bottom of the Google form. It displays a number of possibilities for your business categories.

Verify Your Business

Everything needs a verification process. Just like that, Google would want to verify your business too. And the verification process follows two methods that include, 

Postcard with a verification PIN

In this process, Google sends a postcard to the given business address. The receipt of the postcard can take up to 1-2 weeks. You must therefore be alert. Otherwise, you might fail the verification process as you should verify the account within 30 days.

It’s important you set up the correct physical address for your business, making changes to your profile can lead to suspension and cause a few issues.

A phone call or text message with a verification PIN

In this process, you receive the PIN via phone call or text message. This is the quickest approach to verify your business account. So, you should consider this one between the two verification option.

Set up the correct details - This is important!

When setting up your Google Business Profile, fill out as many of the details as you possibly can. Google My Business can be quite sensitive at times and if you request too many changes this could flag as suspicious and lead to a profile suspension.

Things to set up from the start are:

Set Up A Connected Google Plus Page

Google Plus or Google + isn’t completely dead, if you have Google Workspace you can still access it and optimize it, but, you will need the enterprise edition of Google Workspace to use it.

Setting up your business profiles with Google plus page is a necessary step. That’s because Google plus page is designed to optimize your business profiles more attractively so that consumers get impressed at first sight.

Getting your customers impressed is essential for increasing business opportunities. Therefore, creating a Google plus profile will be beneficial for this. This Google plus profile also allows you to connect your social media pages. Besides, using Google Maps and other products for business profile optimization will act as a plus.

Ask For Google Reviews

Customer reviews have the most impact on growing a small business profile. After, consumers look for social proof to trust a newly started business.

So, you can optimize your business profile in a way to receive reviews as well. Once you have generated a few sales, let your customer know that you would like to have a review on how they like their products. You can also ask questions regarding their brand experience. If you can directly ask for reviews with utmost generosity, it will make your customer avoid negative reviews.

However, some people still give you some negative reviews, but that is normal for the start-up business. So, try to take those lightly and improve on the lacking factors of your business.

Also, it’s great when loyal customers leave reviews that help guide new customers to your business.

Keep your profile active!

Keeping your details up to date, getting reviews, adding pictures and posts all help you to appear higher in the map pack (the listing in the Google map section under paid ads in the search results)

You can invest in Google My Business scheduling tools which cost around 99$ plus per month or for a little extra, invest in a Google My Business management service to really take down your competitors and start generating enquiries, phone calls and leads.



Local businesses may use Google My Business tool to manage and build their Google presence for free. In fact, it comes as the solution to the question, “How to get my small business on google.”

With over 100 billion searches each day, Google is the most active search engine till now. That’s why small business owners should take advantage of this free tool. It is a quick and easy way to get your business listed and ranked on the first page of Google. To enhance your search ranking, you may also include quotations to your business.

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