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    Fast and Effective Digital
    Content Creation That Ranks!

    High-Quality content will inform, entertain and inspire. It helps you build your online reputation by building credibility and trust while empathising fully with your target audience.

    But it doesn’t have to be a long drawn out and complicated process.

    SEO Vikings’ content strategy is simple but powerful. Write for the target audience and optimise the content for search. Our focus is on being specific, targeted, and coherent. 

    We don’t rely upon freelancers or temporary creative teams. We are here to help you get your content out there.

    We create content that converts. Each asset aligns with your business goals, speaks directly to your audience and creates a conversation around the brand.

    Our in-house team of writers can produce content for a wide range of different industries and products.

    Content is King

    It’s no secret that content is the most important ranking factor at your disposal for any website in any industry.

    Google crawls your site and looks at your content to find out your site’s identity through what you are saying. Your content must mean what you need it to mean.

    Content can build an online presence by establishing credibility and trust while understanding your target audience. Getting your content right will reduce things like your bounce rate and improve your user experience. The types of content you have on your site are crucial to your ranking.

    Our content services use methods that will not only target the right users and engage them but it will get your pages ranking.

    Content Writing Services
    That Get it Right

    But how do we get it right? It’s no longer about finding primary keywords and stuffing your page choc-full of them. Google has updated its algorithm to cut out keyword spamming, meaning that cheap ranking methods, meaning that cheap ranking methods that use keyword stuffing no longer work. We personally think this is for the better.

    We work hard to make sure that we are not only finding the right search terms but also the keyword phrases that will place you in the right flow of traffic and, ultimately, at the highest rank possible

    It’s easy enough to identify the best primary keywords for a business, but it’s how we connect them together using our writing skills that gets your page climbing the ranks.

    But it’s not all about rankings; if the content doesn’t engage, then you won’t generate any clients. Our writing will not only increase your traffic, but it will improve your conversion rate with the traffic you receive.

    Competitor Based Content Creation

    The best place to find High-Quality content ideas is from your top-ranking competitors. We create compelling content based on
    what your competitors on page one have written.

    We already know that their type of content ranks because they are where they are!

    Using our methods, you’ll increase your chances of being found on search engines and how your target market considers your relevancy.

    This is the same method your competitors have used to invade those top spots, so we know it can be done.

    Product Description Writing

    Google will penalize any site that uses the exact same product description as the manufacturer. Google won’t rank your site higher than the second page of search results pages if there is duplicate content.

    That's where we come in.

    Our in-house writers can quickly rewrite any manufacturer description to create unique, high-quality product descriptions Google will love.

    We re-write the content while maintaining the original meaning of what was said so that google still ranks it the same as the original text.

    The traffic increase this generates will benefit your website for many months, if not years.

    Customers will remember your store if you provide a satisfying experience.

    Every product has a purpose.

    Each product can serve as a platform to help tell your brand’s story. Your customers will share your story with their friends if done well.

    We can also generate fresh content for your products based on your competitor’s successful ranking content. At SEO Vikings, we are able to write engaging content for any product, no matter the industry.

    Blog Posts & Landing Pages

    As well as planning custom content for your web page, we can write blog posts and landing pages. 

    Blog Writing Services

    Making a business blog is a great idea to pack your website with relevant content that can link to the rest of your site.

    Blogging can also attract traffic to your site. By writing an informative article relevant to your industry, you can grab traffic from users who are at the start of the buying process. Someone could just be looking to find out more about a particular service before buying anything. Your blog can give them the information they need while directing them to your products and services.

    Our team of in-house writers are experienced in writing for a wide range of different industries. We always make sure that we take the time to understand the subject before beginning any writing project.

    Our blog strategy consists of research, writing and optimisation. Going through these steps ensures that we are writing content that fits your business and we never post anything that hasn’t first been approved by you.

    Landing Pages

    Landing pages are web pages, created for a marketing or advertising campaign that stands alone from the rest of the site.
    Web pages usually have many goals and encourage exploration while landing pages are designed with a single goal; call to action.

    The focus that landing pages have made them the best option for increasing the conversion rates of your campaigns and lowering the cost when acquiring a lead or sale.

    It’s important that what’s written on your landing pages appeals to the target audience of the page. If you’re writing a gym page for beginners, for example, you want the page to consist of friendly content that encourages the user to book a slot at your gym. Similarly, for an experienced gym-goer, you want a page with content that doesn’t patronise the user. The content quality is based on how well it engages your potential customers.

    We can create landing pages for a wide range of industries with excellent content specifically designed to convert your potential customers into leads.

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