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Taking from your competitors may seem shady, but if you want to beat them
then you have to use their tactics against them.

It’s like the Vikings! They wouldn’t have been as famous if they hadn’t raided their enemies.

We guarantee that these are the tactics being used by your competition. Take your business out of the middle ages, and leave your website ranking to an SEO Viking.

Imagine us as the Viking boats that head out onto the internet to find all the best bits and bring them back to your site!

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    What we do best

    Our mission is to help local companies gain visibility
    online and grow their business.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is extremely specialized. Not knowing how to do it doesn’t mean you can’t have it. We deliver tried and tested methods that will sort your SEO from top to bottom. Let us do it for you!

    For local businesses, SEO isn’t the same as just ranking for the service you’re providing. You have to show up in the right areas! Invade your local SERP by letting us rank you where you need to be ranked.

    Your GMB profile can help you rank, all you need to do is optimize it. This takes a lot of time, time that you don’t have. Don’t worry, we have the time to do it for you. We use tried and tested methods to optimize your GMB Profile so that it can start working for you!

    Websites need content and you don’t have time to create it all. We will do that for you. Quick ranking content that is easy to optimize.

    Web design is time consuming and there’s usually someone that can do it better. Let us fight that battle for you! We can get designs back to you quickly so you can give us your feedback.

    Social media can be challenging to keep on top of. It’s easy to forget if and when to post while running everything else for your business. SEO Vikings are happy to take that stress off your plate. We can generate your posts and schedule them to be posted in blocks so that a holiday or event is never missed.

    You’ve just started your new business and you need results FAST! We will deliver a ranking service to get you on page one quickly so you don’t miss out on those valuable early potential customers.

    Link building is important in competitive industries like internet marketing and e-commerce. It drives organic traffic via search engines, particularly in competitive sectors. Combine good link building with strong technical SEO foundations, excellent content, and a positive user experience, link construction may be extremely successful at generating additional organic traffic.


    Our mission is to help local companies gain visibility
    online and grow their business.

    Go Into Battle With the
    SEO Vikings at Your Side

    Please find out more about our pricing packages
    and start to invade the competition!

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