Lead generation services

Lead generation in marketing refers to the process of generating interest among consumers in the goods or services offered by a company. 

Many companies prioritise the generation of high-quality leads to increase their sales. 

Consistent incoming leads can only be generated through careful planning and careful implementation.

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    What is Lead Generation?

    Lead generation is the marketing process of generating and capturing interest in a product or service to build a sales pipeline. This method helps businesses nurture potential customers until they’re ready to purchase. Lead generation is useful no matter your company size or type.

    What is an example of lead generation?

    Some examples of leads that we can generate are:

    • Phone calls
    • Form submissions
    • Enquiries
    • Job applications

    All are considered leads and require effective lead generation strategies to obtain.

    Why is lead generation important for brands?

    When someone is interested in your product or service, it seems natural that steps are taken to help the purchase. Essentially, we can help them with the solution they need. This is where our lead generation tactics are introduced.

    If you are aiming the product at the wrong people then this could negatively affect the brand reputation.

    The leads we generate will match the best customers (your target audience) to your product or service.

    Lead generation is paramount.

    Lead Generation services and strategies are essential to increasing your company’s revenue.

    It is not enough to just attract clients’ attention. Instead, you should focus on captivating them with your products and services, as well as with trustworthy advice.

    Generating additional leads allows you to exhibit your expertise to a larger audience. This type of personalised marketing will increase your business awareness efficiently in your target market.

    Qualified leads.

    Collecting new leads allows businesses to educate and nurture prospective customers through email marketing, before reaching out to qualified leads directly via salespeople.

    Lead generation is also important for eCommerce and other businesses, as email marketing is still one of the most effective channels for marketing online. By gathering a prospective customer’s contact info, it allows the business to market to them later.

    Lead Generation Strategies

    To deliver and maximise interest in your business, we create and implement the most effective outbound marketing methods.

    How do we Generate Leads?

    Lead Generation is our area of expertise, but it all begins with you. 

    • We take the time to understand what you want to achieve, your business and your brand.
    • We learn the target consumer interest in a company's products or services. We know that this is the best solution to get a clear call to action.
    • With our lead generating services, our marketing team will customise a marketing strategy to maximise the return on your investment.
    • We only use the best lead generation software.
    • We use high intent keywords rather than high volume.
    • We believe a personal touch leads to a successful lead generation strategy.
    • Generate the leads you require within your allocated budget.
    • Enhancing your online content via its quality, quantity. Resulting in a better conversion rate of your sales and inbound leads.
    • When a lead reaches a certain score threshold, marketing will send it on to the sales team for an examination.
    • Our main challenge is to determine what a good lead is and when to give it to your sales team.

    Please contact us if you would like to learn more detailed information about our lead generation process and start generating leads today.

    Content marketing

    Content marketing typically involves identifying your key buyer personas and creating content that is compelling and useful to drive quality leads. Beyond incentives, it is often a key part of the conversion funnel that can be optimised.

    Marketing qualified leads (MQLs) are leads that typically come through Inbound channels, such as Web Search or content marketing with high-quality content.

    Digital Lead Generation Strategies

    Digital marketing/online lead generation calls for a complex lead generation campaign. It combines approaches, and strategies, all of which are platform-specific.

    It is essential that all of these digital operations, from your website to sponsored search, complement one another. We have the knowledge to integrate everything and maximise your investment while minimising waste.

    PPC Lead Generation Strategies

    Social Media (Social Networks) can create the desire to buy something your existing customers and potential customers hadn’t thought of. But search engine advertising can place your brand, products and services in front of and attract potential customers who have never heard of you.

    Google is the most popular search engine in the United Kingdom (86 percent of users), followed by Microsoft’s Bing (10 percent of users).

    PPC is an acronym for Pay-Per-Click. When marketing professionals refer to this, they mean Google Ads or Bing Ads on search engine results pages (SERPs).

    Google receives over 3.5 billion daily web searches, making it a serious rival for any advertising campaign.

    A PPC campaign is a highly targeted method of contacting the end-user with budgets, keywords, and a few technical aspects. The objective here is to spark an individual’s interest in a company’s products. With the intention to get people visiting your website rather than your competitors’ websites.

    A B2B Lead Generation Strategy

    B2B sales and marketing is an effective lead generation business model that involves a unique approach. At SEO Vikings, we know that an organic lead generation process (such as an SEO campaign) is the most effective method for generating leads. And improve lead quality.

    Your website will then perform better in search engines, and it will be able to facilitate more leads from fruitful email marketing and social media platforms.

    You may also see a decrease in your PPC spending with B2B marketers generated leads.

    The Facebook Lead Generation Strategy

    There are over 40 million Facebook users in the United Kingdom alone, and we can engage people and generate sales leads by posting content. This method is a powerful source for targeting specific user groups via highly effective visual marketing campaigns. The engagement will bring in new customers allowing you to start building relationships with potential customers on your Facebook page.

    It is a genius way to gain a paying customer. People respond to people, so growing a following from your social media sites is a great way to generate leads and a new customer base.

    Facebook Ads allow you to talk to your target audience in the comfort of their own home. A lead generation campaign that uses cost-effective messages can help you gain brand awareness with advertising for as little as £1/day. You’ll also gain full reporting tools and their incredible algorithm helping you to improve with each advert in your campaign.

    Also, the social platform offers ingenious small features, (such as links to your website that feed relevant content) for future Facebook advertisements. Particularly to those who have previously visited your website. It makes sense that the objective is to always track and generate awareness. Increasing the customers’ desire for the items and services you offer.

    Search Engine Optimisation

    Search engine optimisation is similar to SEM, in that it involves getting traffic from search engines. But rather than paying search engines for ads, SEO involves optimising your website for search engine algorithms. Which allows your website to appear higher in the organic search results.


    Paid Ads

    Paid ads on Google or Bing may not be the best for targeted lead generation, but they definitely provide a big influx of traffic to your website.

    You can start generating leads from Google ads campaigns, even when your organic rankings are not yet there. You can even bid on competitor brand names and other purchase intent keywords.

    Lead Generation FAQs

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