Local SEO Services

that as many as 96% of all the searches done on Google are local?
And out of all the ‘near me’ searches, 50% result in a physical store visit.
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    Local SEO Services

    People now use search engines to find local businesses and services more than they ever have done. Mobile searches are up, and people even look further afield for the services they require or the business they are looking for.

    Learn more about our local SEO packages below and why it’s best to work with a professional SEO agency.

    But don’t worry, our local SEO Services don’t come with unrealistic expectations; we have SEO packages for all businesses.

    Google Business Profile (GBP) and Google Maps
    (The Snack Pack!)

    When someone enters a search query into Google, you want to be at the top of the results page. As you will know, Google Ads are taking up more and more of the top half of the page; however, that doesn’t mean you have to throw money at ads to get the results you need.

    You can improve your search ranking and be the first to be seen under paid ads by optimizing your Google My Business profile.

    This profile will show off your online reviews, not just from Google but from other sources too. 

    You can add pictures and posts to highlight products and services to your potential clients. Customers can upload their images and share their experiences or leave a positive review about your business.

    More and more people are using Google Maps and Google My Business to get in touch with companies.

    The profile is free to set up and will show visitors information such as:

    Why it's best to use a professional local SEO company

    Getting your Google My Business profile set up is free and relatively straightforward to do. First, however, you need to have a highly optimized profile for Google search and top organic ranking with thousands of businesses around you.
    Our Google My Business SEO Service uses several tried and tested methods and digital marketing services to get our clients to the top of Google.

    Some of the digital marketing tactics and SEO Tools we use are:

    Use Our Effective Strategies That Have Been Helping Businesses Like Yours, For Years!!

    As technology becomes more convenient, people are less likely to leave the house without knowing what they’re going out for, meaning shops can’t rely on foot traffic anymore. If you don’t have a physical location or “storefront”, then you have to rely on outside sources to bring you business.

    When potential customers use a search term like “near me”, Is your business among those that will appear in an organic search? It’s a no brainer that if your business appears in a relevant search, you will get more traffic, enquiries and customers.

    With Local Search Engine Optimization, you can maximize your flow of digital traffic from a specific area and bring in prospective customers searching for services or products you provide.

    We’re not like other SEO Agencies, and we want to turn your business around as quickly as possible and start generating traffic, leads, calls, enquiries and clients as soon as we possibly can.

    Most SEO companies like to play the long game where their SEO Experts will take months to plan and strategize, whereas we used tried and tested methods that work to get the results you need as quickly as possible.

    As a business owner, we understand that generating results as quickly as possible is crucial to your success.

    How the SEO Vikings Go To War

    • Set business goals
    • Perform an SEO Audit to analyze competition and see where your business is currently
    • Collect keywords and phrases you would like to improve your search rankings for
    • Agree on areas to target to expand your business in
    • Ensure your business details, including business address, business location, phone number, etc. are the same across the internet - super important!
    • Create marketing campaigns
    • Build backlinks from blogs that are relevant and remove/fix any broken links

    How the SEO Vikings Win The Battle

    What is Local SEO? Make You
    Business Visible Online!

    Local Search Engine Optimization is a refined search engine optimization strategy that helps you rank for local searches on search engines.

    Local SEO uses methods and profiles like your Google My Business listing to focus on your area to get potential customers from.

    We use a tried and tested Digital Marketing Strategy to increase your online search visibility by having your website appear in an organic search and in the Google Local Pack or map pack.

    Your business appearing in the top three map listings is critical, it drives tons of traffic to your business profile and is the first thing you see after paid advertising.


    Other strategies include creating Local Landing Pages with relevant on-page content that can help to boost your ranking on all major search engines. This helps increase your visibility in other areas you want to grow your business or provide your business services to.

    All other aspects of SEO can be utilized in improving your local ranking as well. Signals from social media, inbound links and online business directory listings all influence SEO results.

    Power Up Your
    SEO Marketing Efforts

    Using a Search Engine Optimization Service will not only increase your online presence and build authority to your business profile, but it will also help your business appear and increase your visibility in search queries in Google.

    Many businesses use Google Ads and Social Media Marketing. While both of these are absolutely fine and can help generate traffic and enquiries, using search engine optimization and content marketing has a higher conversion rate than Google Ads and paid media and is more cost-effective in the long run.

    Our Priorities

    What are the benefits
    of local SEO?

    Local SEO is a massive benefit to those businesses that have a physical presence and want to be found. This can include law firms, plumbing companies, fitness coaches, travel companies, and restaurants. 

    Essentially you get all the benefits of SEO but in a local area. 

    Local Seo also benefits your customers. By having the right pages in place, some good listings on online directories, and your Google My Business properly optimized, you improve the user experience for potential customers. They can see what services you provide, your hours of operation, and what areas you serve most importantly.

    Some of the benefits for local SEO haven’t been reached yet. However, in the Ever-changing digital landscape, new uses for local SEO come to light every day. 

    Without local SEO services, your business could miss out on some of your most qualified traffic, and in turn, miss out on sales. 

    But are there businesses that cannot benefit from Local SEO?

    While local SEO can benefit businesses, not all businesses benefit from local SEO efforts. E-commerce stores are a perfect example of businesses that cannot benefit from local SEO efforts. 

    But what differentiates Local SEO from SEO?

    Assuming you’re coming across the two for the first time, you might think they are the same. But that’s not the case. 

    While local SEO localizes your digital presence by concentrating SEO efforts and enhancing the customer experience, regular SEO tackles your ranking on a broader scope.

    Take Advantage of
    Local Searches In Your Area

    We’ve identified powerful Local SEO methods that are built with Google local search inquiries in mind. This ensures that your company gets the lion’s share of hot inquiries from potential local customers who want to get in touch with you directly regarding your local business and the services you provide.

    When you make it easy for people to find you and contact you, they are more likely to do so.

    In addition, we have created services that are both measurable and beneficial in terms of leads generated. For example, every phone call and inquiry is tracked, allowing you to assess the impact of your spending plan.

    These types of localized enquiries are statistically proven to be more ‘trusted’ by a potential customer. Plus, they deliver accurate, measurable results at speed not seen with national campaigns. 

    Many of our clients get over 30 new enquiries per month using this technique alone.

    Get your Google My Business Profile in the Google Local Pack

    How We Can Help - Get The Most Out of Our Industry Experience

    Invade the competition!

    Let us raid across the globe and help you with your International SEO strategy.

    Local SEO can even be utilized in large or expanding businesses looking to expand nationally or even internationally.

    Local SEO FAQs

    All of your burning Local SEO questions are answered here:

    Go Into Battle With the
    SEO Vikings at Your Side

    Please find out more about our pricing packages
    and start to invade the competition!

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